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    Looking south along the DSC towards the Dixie Area

Railroad-Pinion Project Dixie

The Dixie deposit lies along the Dark Star Corridor (DSC), which is a 6 km long corridor characterized by a horst that exposes altered and silicified Pennsylvanian siliciclastic and carbonate rocks. The DSC represents a large and impressive exploration target comprising a regional north-south zone of faulting and felsic dikes with associated jasperoids and surface geochemical anomalies.

Dixie gold mineralization is associated with Jasperoids and silicified conglomerates along a prominent north-south resistant ridge. Similar to the Dark Star deposit, there are a number of visible felsic intrusions including dikes, sills and stocks in the area of the jasperoids and silicified sedimentary rocks. Dixie gold mineralization appears to be hosted in Pennsylvanian-Permian carbonate rocks that belong to the same stratigraphic section as Dark Star. Similar to the Dark Star area, the Dixie target area has an associated large low level gold and arsenic surface geochemical anomaly.

Drilling at Dixie has locally identified significant gold mineralization similar in tenor and width to that at the Dark Star deposit.  Highlights of the 2018 drilling is noted below:

  • DX18-19 intersected 118.9m of 0.61 g Au/t, including two higher-grade zones of 10.7m of 1.49 g Au/t and 15.2m of 1.32 g Au/t in favorable Penn-Perm debris flow conglomerate and calcarenite
  • DX18-26 intersected 137.2m of 0.53 g Au/t including 9.1m of 1.26 g Au/t and 6.1m of 1.02 g Au/t.
  • DX18-24 intersected 18.3m of 0.92 g Au/t, including 9.1m of 1.29 g Au/t.
  • DX18-21 intersected 65.5m of 0.39 g Au/t, including 9.1m of 1.14 g Au/t

In 2019, drilling was prioritized on other targets on the Railroad-Pinion Project and the few holes drilled at or near the Dixie deposit did not significantly expend near surface oxide mineralization. Exploration drilling re-focused on other parts of the DSC in an effort to find near surface oxide mineralization which might augment the South Railroad development project.  This drilling did not return significant results. 

Work completed and data available throughout the Dixie target are currently insufficient to determine the resource potential of the Dixie target.  Additional drilling is warranted.  

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