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The Company’s flagship property is the Railroad-Pinion Project located along the Piñion Mountain Range approximately 15 miles (24 Kilometers) south-southeast of Carlin, Nevada, in the Railroad Mining District (the “Railroad-Pinion Project”). The Railroad-Pinion Project has two adjacent parts: the North Railroad portion (“North Railroad”), which includes the POD, Sweet Hollow and North Bullion deposits (collectively, the “North Bullion Deposit”) and the South Railroad portion (“South Railroad”), which includes the Dark Star deposit (the “Dark Star”), the pinion deposit (the “Pinion Deposit”) and the Jasperoid Wash deposit (the “Jasperoid Wash Deposit”).

The Railroad-Pinion Project is an intermediate to advanced stage gold project with a favorable structural, geological and stratigraphic setting situated at the southeast end of the Carlin Trend of north-central Nevada, adjacent to and south of Nevada Gold Mines’ Rain Mining District. The Carlin Trend is a northwest alignment of sedimentary rock-hosted gold deposits with past production exceeding 80,000,000 ounces of gold. Each dome or “window” is cored by igneous intrusions that uplift and expose Paleozoic rocks and certain stratigraphic contacts that are favorable for formation of Carlin-style gold deposits. The Railroad-Pinion Project is centered on the fourth and southernmost dome-shaped window on the Carlin Trend.

The Railroad-Pinion Project constitutes a land position totaling 53,569 gross acres (21,679 hectares) and, with partial interests taken into consideration, 50,599 net acres (20,477 net hectares) of land in Elko County, Nevada. The Company owns, or otherwise controls 100% of the subsurface mineral rights on a total of 29,941 gross acres (12,117 hectares) of land held as patented or unpatented mineral lodes (claims). This includes 1,455 unpatented claims owned by the Company and 207 unpatented claims held under lease. The Company also owns or leases 30 patented claims. There is also a total of 23,628 gross acres (9,562 gross hectares) of private lands of which the Company’s ownership of the subsurface mineral rights varies from 49.2% to 100%, for a net position of approximately 20,658 acres (8,360).

The Company owns or otherwise controls 100% of the mineral lands on which the Pinion Deposit, Dark Star Deposit and the North Bullion Deposit are situated, subject to the terms of its leases, as applicable, and certain subsurface minority mineral interest holders in certain fee lands who hold an approximate 0.8% to 1.51% mineral interest not subject to leases held by the company. The lands on which the Pinion Deposit, the Dark Star Deposit, the Jasperoid Wash Deposit and the North Bullion Deposit are situated are comprised of approximately 7,360 gross acres (2,978.49 hectares) and 7,320.19 net acres (2,962.38 hectares).

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