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Jasperoid Wash

Jasperoid Wash, also considered to be Carlin-type, sedimentary-rock-hosted deposit, is hosted in a similar a sedimentary package as Dark Star. It is currently the southernmost mineral occurrence of the property.

The Jasperoid Wash deposit is controlled by altered Tertiary feldspar porphyry dikes and the Pennsylvanian-Permian conglomeratic rocks of a Tomera Formation equivalent witch host them. The deposit has approximate extents of 1,400m to the north and a width of about 1,100m, and is partially contained within an elongate, north to south, steeply dipping structural corridor. Drilling shows the deposit dips steeply to the west nearby and within Tertiary dikes; east of the dikes, the deposit dips gently to the west controlled by the Paleozoic sedimentary rocks. The gold is inferred to be submicroscopic in grain size, however, petrographic studies have yet to be performed.