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Crescent Valley North

GV Properties Location Map


  • Approximately 3400 acres (5.4 sq mi) within the Miocene Bonanza Vein Belt
  • Project is in a range-margin setting between the Carlin and Battle Mountain-Eureka gold trends
    • Approximately 10 mi west of Railroad Project
  • Large epithermal vein system
    • Identified strike length of over 4 mi
    • Similar Geology to the Sleeper, Midas and Comstock deposits


Safford Claims – Silver Project

Properties Location Map



  • The Safford claims are located approximately 3 miles north of the Crescent Valley North project
  • Based on its recent rock and soil sampling programs, Gold Standard views this property as a potential silver opportunity
  • More information coming soon…


Safford Geochemistry

Soils & Rock Sampling

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East Bailey

Located South of the Railroad project on the southern edges of the Carlin Trend


The East Bailey Nevada gold mining project, comprised of 88 unpatented lode claims, approximately 1800 acres, represents an early-stage target opportunity located within the north-south trending Independence-Eureka gold belt. An unexposed intrusive with associated skarn has been encountered in a couple holes previously drilled on an immediately adjacent property. Widespread, anomalous base and precious metal surface geochemistry in scattered Paleozoic outcroppings mostly covered by post-mineral, young volcanic rocks suggests the existence of a large mineral system in play. Major, potential feeder structures are interpreted from the residual gravity results represented on figure 1. A magnetic high, interpreted to be an intrusive – a possible early Tertiary gold-generating heat source – underlies the southern portion the IC property, figure 2.

Only one shallow hole is evident to have been drilled on the property. Cuttings suggest the hole did not penetrate through the overlying post-mineral volcanic rocks into permissive Paleozoic units below. The target is believed to be the Webb-Devils Gate contact and Devils Gate limestone represented in figures 3 and 4. In essence the property has, to date, been completely untested. Gold Standard Ventures intends to provide the first drilling tests of this discovery opportunity.

Figure 1: CBA gravity survey of East Bailey property

Figure 2. Regional geology with expression of buried, unexposed intrusive of probable early Tertiary age.

Figure 3: Indian Creek Project Elko Co., Nevada

Figure 4: Indian Creek Prospect, Target Section A-A’ (looking Northward)


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Coming soon…

Following a strategic decision by the board of directors to concentrate the Company’s management and financial resources on the Railroad-Pinion Project, the Company entered into a binding letter of intent in May 2014 to sell its entire portfolio of non-core early stage exploration assets in Nevada (being the East Camp Douglas, Crescent Valley North, Safford and East Bailey projects) to Tanqueray Exploration Ltd. (TSXV:TQY) (“Tanqueray”) for $150,000 cash and 60,000,000 pre-consolidated (20,000,000 post-consolidated) common shares of Tanqueray. Completion of the transaction is estimated to take place on or about February 28, 2015 and is subject to a number of conditions, including completion of a concurrent financing and regulatory approvals.